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SLU22CH048 Series
Slotless BLDC Motor

Features and Benefits:
  • Extremely quick response and high acceleration
  • Quiet Operation
  • High power density


Model #Frame sizeLengthNominal VoltageRated speedRated TorqueNo Load SpeedNo Load CurrentGearbox ratioWeight, lbsRated CurrentAvailability
SLU22CH048-240.870 in1.890 in24 VDC15835 RPM3.0588 oz-in19200 RPM326 mANA0.243 lbs1.67 Aonline
SLU22CH048-24-G111-M16-10240.870 in24 VDC85.2 RPM226.5791 oz-in285 mA111:10.41 lbs1.44 Aquote
SLU22CH048-24-G16-M16-10240.870 in3.420 in24 VDC575 RPM41.0675 oz-in770 RPM285 mA16:10.407 lbs1.67 Aonline
SLU22CH048-24-G35-M16-10240.870 in3.420 in24 VDC245 RPM86.3833 oz-in342 RPM260 mA35:10.41 lbs1.67 Aonline
SLU22CH048-24-G4-M16-10240.870 in3.190 in24 VDC2271 RPM11.1873 oz-in3040 RPM285 mA4:10.38 lbs1.67 Aonline
SLU22CH048-24-G546-M16-10240.870 in3.890 in24 VDC20.7 RPM283.2239 oz-in22 RPM285 mA546:10.462 lbs0.56 Aonline
SLU22CH048-24-G62-M16-10240.870 in3.650 in24 VDC152 RPM137.3636 oz-in195 RPM285 mA62:10.434 lbs1.58 Aonline
SLU22CH048-24-M16-10240.870 in2.360 in24 VDC15835 RPM3.0588 oz-in19200 RPM326 mANA0.273 lbs1.67 Aonline
SLU22CH048-24-MC16-16B0.870 in2.360 in24 VDC15800 RPM3.0588 oz-in19200 RPM326 mANA0.28 lbs1.67 Aonline
SLU22CH048-480.870 in1.890 in48 VDC17720 RPM2.9257 oz-in19900 RPM254 mANA0 lbs0.86 Aonline

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