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SLU13CH038 Series
Slotless BLDC Motor

Features and Benefits:
  • Extremely quick response and high acceleration
  • Quiet Operation
  • High power density


Model #Frame sizeLengthNominal VoltageRated TorqueNo Load SpeedNo Load CurrentGearbox ratioWeight, lbsRated CurrentAvailability
SLU13CH038-060.510 in1.470 in6 VDC0.7151 oz-in23700 RPM215 mANA0.064 lbs2.33 Aonline
SLU13CH038-090.510 in1.470 in9 VDC0.7874 oz-in23400 RPM185 mANA0.064 lbs1.7 Aonline
SLU13CH038-120.510 in1.470 in12 VDC0.7803 oz-in23000 RPM140 mANA0.064 lbs1.23 Aonline
SLU13CH038-180.510 in1.470 in18 VDC0.7888 oz-in23400 RPM121 mANA0.064 lbs0.91 Aonline
SLU13CH038-240.510 in1.470 in24 VDC0.7265 oz-in24500 RPM90 mANA0.064 lbs0.63 Aonline
SLU13CH038-360.510 in1.470 in36 VDC0.7859 oz-in25600 RPM84 mANA0.064 lbs0.49 Aonline


ModelDIM. A (length) in
SLU13CH038-061.470 in
SLU13CH038-091.470 in
SLU13CH038-121.470 in
SLU13CH038-181.470 in
SLU13CH038-241.470 in
SLU13CH038-361.470 in

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