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CL013CN028 Series
Coreless Brushed DC motor

Features and Benefits:
  • Ironless Design Eliminates Cogging
  • Increased Efficiency and Torque
  • Low Inertia Rotor for Fast Response Time
  • Cost Effective Motor and Implementation
  • 0.510 in Frame Size
  • 0.071 to 0.624 A Rated Current
  • 0.3639 to 53.2461 oz-in Rated Torque
  • 6 to 24 VDC Nominal Voltage
  • 1.11 to 2.2 in Length


Model #Frame sizeLengthNominal VoltageRated speedRated TorqueNo Load SpeedNo Load CurrentGearbox ratioWeight, lbsRated CurrentAvailability
CL013CN028-060.510 in1.110 in6 VDC6110 RPM0.4758 oz-in9700 RPM16.7 mANA0.046 lbs0.591 Aquote
CL013CN028-06-G160.510 in1.870 in6 VDC372 RPM6.2309 oz-in605 RPM42.3 mA16:10.075 lbs0.616 Aquote
CL013CN028-06-G2710.510 in2.200 in6 VDC28 RPM42.4836 oz-in36 RPM59.4 mA271:10.087 lbs0.364 Aquote
CL013CN028-06-G40.510 in1.870 in6 VDC1508 RPM1.6852 oz-in2383 RPM50.6 mA4.06:10.075 lbs0.59 Aquote
CL013CN028-06-G660.510 in2.020 in6 VDC92 RPM22.9411 oz-in147 RPM50.8 mA66:10.08 lbs0.624 Aquote
CL013CN028-120.510 in1.110 in12 VDC7980 RPM0.3639 oz-in11800 RPM17 mANA0.046 lbs0.29 Aquote
CL013CN028-12-G160.510 in1.870 in12 VDC483 RPM6.2026 oz-in696 RPM48 mA16:10.075 lbs0.365 Aquote
CL013CN028-12-G2710.510 in2.170 in12 VDC35 RPM53.2461 oz-in43 RPM35.3 mA271:10.087 lbs0.218 Aquote
CL013CN028-12-G3150.510 in2.170 in12 VDC31 RPM42.4836 oz-in36 RPM63 mA315:10.086 lbs0.189 Aquote
CL013CN028-12-G40.510 in1.870 in12 VDC1960 RPM1.7277 oz-in2825 RPM40.4 mA4.06:10.075 lbs0.365 Aquote
CL013CN028-12-G4250.510 in2.170 in12 VDC24 RPM42.4836 oz-in27 RPM63 mA425:10.181 lbs0.365 Aquote
CL013CN028-12-G660.510 in2.050 in12 VDC120 RPM22.318 oz-in173 RPM30.2 mA66:10.08 lbs0.358 Aquote
CL013CN028-12-G900.510 in2.020 in12 VDC89 RPM18.2679 oz-in128 RPM30.2 mA90:10.08 lbs0.204 Aquote
CL013CN028-240.510 in1.110 in24 VDC7980 RPM0.3654 oz-in11700 RPM8 mANA0.046 lbs0.14 Aquote
CL013CN028-24-G160.510 in1.900 in24 VDC481 RPM6.3725 oz-in695 RPM11.3 mA16:10.075 lbs0.186 Aquote
CL013CN028-24-G2710.510 in2.170 in24 VDC35 RPM35.8278 oz-in42 RPM16.4 mA271:10.087 lbs0.071 Aquote
CL013CN028-24-G40.510 in2.020 in24 VDC1934 RPM1.756 oz-in2800 RPM18.8 mA4.06:10.075 lbs0.182 Aquote
CL013CN028-24-G660.510 in2.050 in24 VDC119 RPM23.7908 oz-in171 RPM13.9 mA66:10.08 lbs0.189 Aquote

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