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SLU30CH064 Series
Slotless BLDC Motor

  • 1.180 in Frame Size
  • 2.15 A Rated Current
  • 1132.8954 oz-in Rated Torque
  • 24 VDC Nominal Voltage
  • 5.220 in Length
Features and Benefits:
  • Extremely quick response and high acceleration
  • Quiet Operation
  • High power density

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Motor Specifications

Frame Size1.180 in
Motor TypeMotor + Encoder + Gearhead
Weight1.142 lbs
Number of pole2
Number of Phases3

Motor Values (At Nominal Speed)

Nominal Voltage24 VDC
No Load Speed 39.5 RPM
No Load Current560 mA
Nominal Speed36 RPM
Nominal Torque (Max Cont. Torque)1132.8954 oz-in
Nominal Current (Max Cont. Current)3.84 A
Rated Speed35 RPM
Rated Torque1132.8954 oz-in
Rated Current2.15 A
Stall Torque22233.073 oz-in
Stall Current43.6 A
Max. Efficiency53.9%

Motor Characteristics

Terminal Resistance0.551 ohm
Terminal Inductance0.104 mH
Speed/Torque Gradient 1.4161 RPM/oz-in
Speed Constant418.6 RPM/V
Mechanical Time Constant2.05 ms
Rotor Inertia0.106 oz-in²

Motor Mechanical Data

Axial play0.012 in
Radial play0.004
Max. Radial Load26.976 lbf
Distance From Flange For Radial Load12 in
Max Force For Press Fit6.744 lbf
Max Speed (Mechanical)15000 RPM

Motor Thermal Data

Ambient Temperature-40 °F to 176.00 °F
Insulation ClassF
Max winding temperature311.00 °F
Max winding temperature311.00 °F
Thermal resistance (Housing-Ambient)49.28 °F/W
Thermal resistance (Winding-Housing)33.76 °F/W
Thermal time constant motor1094 s
Thermal time constant winding6.8 s

Gearhead Specifications

Type Of GearheadPlanetary Gearhead
Gearhead Reduction Ratio253
Nominal Reduction Ratio252.3
Absolute Reduction Ratio14288400/56644
Number Of Stages4
Average Backlash (No Load)2

Encoder Specifications

Counts Per Turn1024
Number Of Channels3


ModelDIM. A (length) in
SLU30CH064-24-G253-M24-10245.220 in

Performance Curve

SLU30CH064 Series


SLU30CH064-24-G253-M24-1024 Configured Datasheet (PDF)

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