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Vacuum grade BLDC or Hybrid Stepper Motors are often a necessary during the Semiconductor manufacturing process. When working in the cleanroom environments, outgassing needs to be minimized, or avoided altogether. Outgassing occurs when gasses and particles that are trapped inside paints, coatings, and greases, are released into the environment and introduce unwanted contaminants. Vacuum rated stepper motors must be designed using low-outgassing materials in order to minimize the outgassing problem, which makes it ideal for cleanroom environments.

Vacuum compatible motors, such as our 211 Series (NEMA 11), 4118 Series (NEMA 17), and 5718 Series (NEMA 23) motors, manage outgassing through our proprietary motor assembly process designed specifically for vacuum motors. By using low-outgassing materials during the manufacturing process, our products also reduce the number of contaminants that are able to enter the system.

  • Vacuum Grade Motors For Clean Room Applications
  • ISO9001 Certified
  • Fast Prototyping
  • US Based Support & Manufacturing

Why Choose Lin Engineering?

Our motors and motion control products are routinely used in medical devices, aerospace components, automation assemblies, and many other applications. Thousands of Engineers from around the world rely on the accuracy, reliability, and consistency of our products as well as our top-notch support.

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OEM Motors Optimized For Your Application

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Quick Prototype Turnaround

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Small Batch to Large Volume Production

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US Based Support and Manufacturing

US Based Manufacturing And Support

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Our office in Morgan Hill, California hosts one of our manufacturing floors as well as our engineering team. This allows our engineering team to provide support for any questions that may arise during the process. A big advantage of having our engineers near the production floor is that they can quickly review prototypes to ensure they are accurate to the specifications. Having US based manufacturing means Lin Engineering can provide quick responses to spikes in orders as well as kanban stocking.

Fast Prototyping

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Here at Lin Engineering we understand keeping your project progressing is important; that’s why we offer quick prototyping turnaround times, as quick as 7 days. This is possible due to the modular design of our motors. Don’t get caught waiting for the parts you need, using our rapid prototyping tool you can customize and order the motors you need fast.

Engineering Support

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For OEM Motor Projects, we’ll work directly with your engineering team throughout the design phase of your project to ensure the best overall system optimization and motor fit while avoiding over-engineering. Our experienced engineers can help you eliminate costly complexities and over-designing while keeping in mind future developments and improvements.

Applications Support

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Our US based engineering team is excited to help solve your motion control problems or issues. Our engineers have helped solve motion control issues for a wide array of industries as well as helped companies design and build new products. Being exposed to so many different projects has helped our team to think outside of the box when looking for a solution.