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SL022CH045 Series
Slotless BLDC Motor

Features and Benefits:
  • Extremely quick response and high acceleration
  • Quiet Operation
  • High power density
  • Wide speed range (up to 50,000 rpm)


Model #Frame sizeNominal VoltageNo Load SpeedNo Load CurrentMax speedRated CurrentSpeed Torque GradientRated TorqueWeight, lbsAvailability
SL022CH045-020.870 in24 VDC40500 RPM540 mA50000 RPM4.19 A12.7451 RPM/oz-in3.0022 oz-in0.216 lbsonline
SL022CH045-040.870 in48 VDC39700 RPM480 mA50000 RPM2.1 A12.037 RPM/oz-in2.7473 oz-in0.216 lbsonline

Motor Operating Specifications

Axial play0.009 in
Radial playPreloaded
Max. force for press fits (static)24.728 lbf
Ambient Temperature-40 ° to 212.00 °F
Max winding temperature311.00 °F
Thermal resistance (Housing-Ambient)59.00 °F/W
Thermal resistance (Winding-Housing)33.08 °F/W
Thermal time constant motor450 s
Thermal time constant winding0.98 s
Number of pole pairs1


ModelDIM. A (length) in
SL022CH045-021.770 in
SL022CH045-041.770 in

Features and Benefits

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A typical brushless BLDC motor is constructed using a stator with “slots”; a copper wire is then wound around these slots. Although this technology works well, it has an inherent problem with cogging (or drag torque), which presents a challenge in applications needing fast response, fast acceleration and smooth operation.


To combat these issues, we’ve removed the slots from the motor. Instead of slots, we’re using a unique process of winding the copper wire without the need of them. This drastically reduces cogging and improves the motor’s ability to respond, accelerate quickly, and operate smoothly. Slotless BLDC motors are also quieter and provide more power with a smaller frame size than their slotted counterparts.

Reliable long life expectancy

Our motors are built to withstand at least 20,000 hours of continuous (24/7) operation. This means that you can feel confident that even your most sensitive application will operate reliably for a very long time.


Nearly silent operation

Detent torque is the biggest culprit of generated noise. Removing the slots and thus eliminating the detent torque drastically reduces the noise output of the motor.


Modular design for better customization

The modular design lets us combine the motor with a gearhead to match your specific speed and torque requirements. Also, our slotless BLDC motors are available in many windings so we can satisfy your requirements precisely. You can also customize the motor with sensors such as an optical encoder or hall sensor to provide accurate positioning control, velocity, and direction feedback.


Cost effective

Our unique manufacturing process lets us create motors that are built to your exact specifications, while remaining highly cost effective. Get exactly what you need without breaking your budget.

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Slotless BLDC Motor Applications


  • Robotic grippers and claws
  • Medical and surgical tools
  • Miniature pumps and ventilators
  • Testing and measuring equipment
  • Semiconductor handling equipment
  • Robotics
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Slotless BLDC Motor Construction

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