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CL017CN025 Series
Coreless Brushed DC motor

  • 0.670 in Frame Size
  • 0.222 to 0.364 A Rated Current
  • 2.11 to 70.806 oz-in Rated Torque
  • 12 VDC Nominal Voltage
  • 1.7 to 1.98 in Length


Model #Frame sizeLengthNominal VoltageRated speedRated TorqueNo Load SpeedNo Load CurrentGearbox ratioWeight, lbsRated CurrentAvailability
CL017CN025-12-G190.670 in1.700 in12 VDC390 RPM8.1568 oz-in540 RPM39.6 mA19:10.108 lbs0.364 Aonline
CL017CN025-12-G3690.670 in1.980 in12 VDC23 RPM70.806 oz-in28 RPM71 mA369:10.123 lbs0.222 Aonline
CL017CN025-12-G40.670 in1.700 in12 VDC1704 RPM2.11 oz-in2358 RPM33 mA4:10.1 lbs0.364 Aonline
CL017CN025-12-G840.670 in1.840 in12 VDC89 RPM31.806 oz-in123 RPM46.5 mA84:10.116 lbs0.364 Aonline


ModelDIM. A (length) in
CL017CN025-12-G191.700 in
CL017CN025-12-G3691.980 in
CL017CN025-12-G41.700 in
CL017CN025-12-G841.840 in

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