Stepper Motors in Automotive

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Nov 27, 2019

Stepper Motors in Automotive

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Fulfilling the needs of the automotive industry with motors that can be used on the road, off-road, or on the racetrack, engineers expect quality and long life. For applications from automobile air conditioning systems, fuel and injection pumps, power-assisted steering, window control, and power seats, motors must operate precisely and reliably even under the most demanding environmental conditions. 


Motors used in the automotive industry find themselves in unusually extreme conditions from blaring heat to sub-zero cold weather, from rain and snow, to dry dusty situations. Wherever motors need to be, making sure they operate under such extreme conditions is what Lin Engineering has experience and expertise in. The company’s engineers have evaluated and provided custom and standard motors to the automotive industry since their beginnings. 


IP ratings are one way that the company approaches these harsh environments. Standard IP ratings require permanent joints that are continuous and impenetrable. Actual motor surfaces must be smooth, free of any sharp corners, and impervious to particulate penetration. In addition, materials used in the manufacture of the motors must provide a minimum of outgassing and provide low noise during operation. 


Lin Engineering has faced such challenges directly by designing for product features that can eliminate or are protected against even microscopic levels of particulates. They recognize that even though IP ratings are meant to assure that levels of dust and moisture are within the range of the protection code they are given, a variety of additional environmental conditions must also be handled simultaneously.


Expertise in supporting this industry, like any industry, is key when it comes to motion innovation, flexibility, and long life in a wide variety of applications specific conditions. Lin Engineering continually contemplates the future needs of customers in order to design in characteristics that add value and capabilities beyond similar products on the market. 


When customization is needed, Lin Engineering provides the engineering solutions for everything from early prototypes to production quantities, along with full documentation and long-term service. An important addition is Lin Engineering’s mean value control system—the 4.5 Sigma Way—where every motion device that leaves the facility must meet that control figure. To be sure that motion elements meet the required specifications, every component is tested before leaving manufacturing. Particularly for critical applications such as those found in the automotive, racing, and off-highway markets, this focus on quality gives customers the confidence that Lin Engineering products will perform consistently and reliably for years to come. 


Specific products, as well as application examples you find in this section, will highlight the advantages of working with a knowledgeable and capable team such as those found at Lin Engineering. For specific questions or specifications that are outside the normal needs of the industry, contact a sales engineering for consultation. 


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