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  • IATF 16949:2016
  • ISO9001:2015
  • USA Based Engineering Support and Manufacturing
  • Cost-Effective Motors
  • Fast Prototyping
  • Fast Production Ramp-ups
  • Scalable Manufacturing

For over three decades, Lin Engineering has been a key contributor to the Automotive Industry, focusing on the design and manufacture of a diverse range of motion control products. Our expertise extends to hybrid step motors, PM steppers, linear actuators, BLDC motors, servo motors, frameless BLDC motors, and slotless BLDC motors. Additionally, we offer an extensive array of supplementary components including encoders, gearboxes, wire harnesses, and more. Our products are crucial in various automotive applications, such as LiDAR systems, autonomous vehicles, intelligent suspensions, SCR/EGR applications, among others.


Choosing Lin Engineering means collaborating with a company that boasts a comprehensive global supply chain network, adept at handling both small-scale prototypes in the USA and mass production of motors.


Our operations are centered at our Morgan Hill facility, strategically located in Silicon Valley, California. This facility is not just home to our engineering team, but also includes quality assurance, applications, sales, customer service, and more. The highlight of our operations is our California-based manufacturing plant, dedicated to producing motors in the USA. To further enhance our service, we maintain a nationwide network of Application Engineers and Account Managers, ensuring localized support for our partners.

Application Highlights

Product Highlights

Why Lin Engineering Motors?

We are a “Solution First” company that not only supplies the motors that you need, but also provides the Engineering expertise needed to find, optimize, and customize the right motors that will perform within your Automotive system optimally and reliably.

US Based Manufacturing And Support

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Our office in Morgan Hill, California hosts one of our manufacturing floors as well as our engineering team. This allows our engineering team to provide support for any questions that may arise during the process. A big advantage of having our engineers near the production floor is that they can quickly review prototypes to ensure they are accurate to the specifications. Having US based manufacturing means Lin Engineering can provide quick responses to spikes in orders as well as kanban stocking.

Fast Prototyping

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Here at Lin Engineering we understand keeping your project progressing is important; that’s why we offer quick prototyping turnaround times, as quick as 7 days. This is possible due to the modular design of our motors. Don’t get caught waiting for the parts you need, using our rapid prototyping tool you can customize and order the motors you need fast.

Engineering Support

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For OEM Motor Projects, we’ll work directly with your engineering team throughout the design phase of your project to ensure the best overall system optimization and motor fit while avoiding over-engineering. Our experienced engineers can help you eliminate costly complexities and over-designing while keeping in mind future developments and improvements.

Applications Support

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Our US based engineering team is excited to help solve your motion control problems or issues. Our engineers have helped solve motion control issues for a wide array of industries as well as helped companies design and build new products. Being exposed to so many different projects has helped our team to think outside of the box when looking for a solution. 

Motors Capable of Withstanding Extreme Enviroments

Vacuum Rated Motors

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IP Rated Motors

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Hot & Cold Motors

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These motors are designed and manufactured to operate in unique environments for specific applications. Vacuum-rated motors, for example, are necessary for environments where out-gassing needs to be minimized such as vacuum chambers, space applications, and clean room environments. IP (Ingress Protection) rated motors are perfect for applications exposed to humidity, water, oil, and other various debris. We also carry motors that are specifically designed to operate in extreme hot and cold temperatures.

  • Vacuum and Ultra High Vacuum Grade Motors
  • Ingress Protection (IP) Rated Motors
  • Hot/Cold Temperature Operating Motors

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