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X208 Series
Hybrid Stepper Motor

Features and Benefits:
  • High Torque Density
  • Small, Compact Size
  • NEMA 08 (0.800 in) Frame Size
  • 1.8° Step Angle
  • 1.16 to 1.83 in Length
  • 4.25 to 8.21 oz-in Holding Torque


Model #NEMA sizeFrame sizeStep AngleConnection TypeLength, inCurrent AMPHolding Torque, oz-inResistanceInertia, oz-in²Weight, lbs# of LeadsAvailability
X208-030-01NEMA 080.800 in1.8°Bipolar1.160 in0.7 AMP4.25 oz-in4.50.009 oz-in²0.088 lbsIConline
X208-030-02NEMA 080.800 in1.8°Bipolar1.160 in0.5 AMP4.25 oz-in8.80.009 oz-in²0.088 lbsIConline
X208-040-01NEMA 080.800 in1.8°Bipolar1.560 in0.65 AMP7.08 oz-in6.60.016 oz-in²0.132 lbsIConline
X208-040-02NEMA 080.800 in1.8°Bipolar1.560 in0.9 AMP7.08 oz-in3.40.016 oz-in²0.132 lbsIConline
X208-047-01NEMA 080.800 in1.8°Bipolar1.830 in0.6 AMP8.21 oz-in80.023 oz-in²0.176 lbsIConline

Torque Curves


  • X208-030-01
  • X208-030-02
  • X208-040-01
  • X208-040-02
  • X208-047-01

Find the motor that fits your Target Torque (oz-in) and Target Speed (RPM)


ModelDIM. A (length) in
X208-030-011.160 in
X208-030-021.160 in
X208-040-011.560 in
X208-040-021.560 in
X208-047-011.830 in

Operating Specifications

Radial Play0.001 in @ 1 lbs
End Play0.003 in @ 3 lbs
Shaft Run Out0.002 TIR
Concentricity of Mounting Pilot to Shaft0.003 TIR
Perpendicularity of Mounting Pilot to Face0.003 TIR
Max Radial Load at Dimension "K" from mounting face4.5 lbs
Dimension "K"0.500 in
Max Axial Load0.45 lbs
Maximum Case Temperature140.00 °F maximum
Ambient Temperature-4 °F to 122.00 °F
Storage Temperature-4 °F to 212.00 °F
Humidity Range (%) 85% or less, non-condensing
Magnet Wire InsulationClass B 130 deg C
Insulation Resistance100M Ohm at 500 VDC
Dielectric Strength500 VDC for 1 min


Motor Numbering System (PDF)

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