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LN11 Series

Features and Benefits:
  • Internal Nut: Non-Captive Configuration
  • Multiple Lead screw options available
  • Fast lead times and delivery
  • NEMA 11 (1.110 in) Frame Size
  • 1.8° Step Angle Stepper Motor
  • 1.26 in Motor Length
  • 0.025 to 0.1 in Screw Lead


Model #Frame sizeMotor LengthRated CurrentScrew LeadScrew DiameterLinear Travel Per StepAvailability
LN11S1050-E04006-200MN1.110 in1.260 in0.5 AMP0.025 in0.180 in0.00013 inonline
LN11S1050-E04025-200MN1.110 in1.260 in0.5 AMP0.100 in0.180 in0.0005 inonline
LN11S1067-E04006-200MN1.110 in1.260 in0.67 AMP0.025 in0.180 in0.00013 inonline
LN11S1067-E04025-200MN1.110 in1.260 in0.67 AMP0.100 in0.180 in0.0005 inonline
LN11S1100-E04006-200MN1.110 in1.260 in1 AMP0.025 in0.180 in0.00013 inonline
LN11S1100-E04025-200MN1.110 in1.260 in1 AMP0.100 in0.180 in0.0005 inonline

Performance Chart

  • LN11S1050-E04006-200MN
  • LN11S1050-E04025-200MN
  • LN11S1067-E04006-200MN
  • LN11S1067-E04025-200MN
  • LN11S1100-E04006-200MN
  • LN11S1100-E04025-200MN

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