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BL34 SeriesBL34E27-02BLDC Motor

  • 3.150 in Frame Size
  • 5.06 A Rated Current
  • 67.97 oz-in Rated Torque
  • 48 VDC Rated Voltage
  • 2.680 in Length

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Molex Connector
12 inch (30.50 cm)
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Motor Specifications

Frame Size3.150 in
Body Length (Dimension A) 2.680 in
Rated Voltage48 VDC
Rated Output Power 200 W
Rated Speed4000 RPM
Max Speed 4500 RPM
Rated Torque67.97 oz-in
Rated Current5.06 A
Max Torque135.95 oz-in
Resistance0.32 ohm
Terminal Inductance 0.7 mH
Torque Constant13.453 oz-in/A
Rotor Inertia4.05 oz-in²
Weight3.44 lbs
Electrical Time Constant2.2 ms
Mechanical Time Constant2.7 ms


ModelDIM. A (length) in
BL34E27-022.680 in

Torque Curves

  • Peak Range
  • Continuous Range



Motor Operating Specifications

Hall Effect Angle120° electrical Angle
Radial Play0.002 in @ 0.99 lbs
End Play0.003 in @ 99.21 lbs
Max. Radial Force0.787 in @ 16.80 lbs
Max. Axial Force3.37 lbs
Insulation ClassClass B
Dielectric Strength500 VDC for 1 minute
Insulation Resistance100 Ω Min. 500 VDC
Ambient Operating Temperature-4 ° to 122 °F
Storage Temperature-4 ° to 212 °F
Humidity Range (%) 85% (RH) non-condensing
Direction Of RotationCCW

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BL34 Series

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