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65BL21752-0080 Series
Outer Rotor Motors

  • 14.16 oz-in Rated Torque
  • 7500 RPM Rated Speed
  • 8500 RPM noLoadSpeed
  • 80 W Rated Power


Model #Rated Power
65BL21752-0080-00180 W


Lin Engineering can ensure that the AGV Outer Rotor Wheel is optimized to deliver the required performance for your specific application, whether it’s increasing torque at a specific speed range or optimizing for minimal power consumption, or making specific modification to ensure proper and native fit within your assembly.

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Customization Services Include:

  • Optimized Winding
  • Customized Leads & Connectors
  • Customized Housings & Mountings
  • Bearings & Lubricants
  • Mechatronic Solutions
  • Environmental Protection
  • Sensors and Accessories
  • Brakes are Optional

The result is that you’ll get a motor that is fully optimized for your specific applications and configured to seamlessly fit with your assembly. This reduces your product's complexity, and increases the speed and ease of the assembly of your final product.

Speak with one of our sales representatives about your specific application needs by filling out a request for a quote.

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