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How Stepper Motors Have Advanced Medical Devices

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Nov 25, 2019

How Stepper Motors Have Advanced Medical Devices

It is not news that motion control technology has advanced beyond traditional manufacturing applications. Medical devices particularly incorporate motion in a wide variety of ways. Applications vary from medical power tools to orthopedics to drug delivery systems. This flexibility has allowed expansion in usage for medical devices and equipment while providing smaller footprints, better specifications, and lower energy usage. 


Because of the life-changing nature of most medical applications, motion control components must harness the complexity of electronics, software, and mechanical motion into highly accurate and precise tools for use in everything from doctors’ offices to hospitals to laboratories. Having years of experience and a team of engineers with multiple levels of expertise in this industry makes Lin Engineering a critical partner for manufacturers of medical equipment of all types, including surgical tools. 


Lin Engineering is the partner you can rely on for fast turnarounds, knowledgeable service engineering, and deliveries from small volumes to production levels. 


Further, the company follows ISO9001 standards, as well as assemble their products in accordance with the most rigorous AS9100 standards. As a company, Lin Engineering has thirty years of design experience in a wide variety of industries, allowing their engineers to better understand and aid in providing products that will work in life or death situations when necessary. 

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Specific products, as well as application examples you find in this section, will highlight the advantages of working with a knowledgeable and capable team such as those found at Lin Engineering. For specific questions or specifications that are outside the normal needs of the industry, contact a sales engineering for consultation. 


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