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Customized and Optimized Hybrid Stepper Motor Solutions

What sets us apart from other manufacturers is our extensive ability to optimize and customize our motor for your specific application needs. We can ensure that our hybrid stepper motors are optimized to deliver the required performance for your specific application, whether it’s increasing torque at a specific speed range, reducing noise or vibration, or optimizing for minimal power consumption. Furthermore, we can customize the motor’s envelope in a variety of ways to ensure proper and native fit within your assembly. We can create custom modifications to motor’s lead wires and connectors, customized mounting brackets or motors housings for proper fit and alignment, or customized motor shafts with gears or pulleys to drive. Also, in addition, we can also extend the motor’s capabilities with value-add components such as gear boxes, encoders and dampers, or even custom electronics. 

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The result is that you’ll get a motor that is fully optimized for your specific applications and configured to seamlessly fit with your assembly. This reduces your product's complexity, and increases the speed and ease of the assembly of your final product. 

Customized Winding

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Hybrid Stepper Motor’s winding can be optimized in a variety of ways to ensure optimal performance within your application. By modifying the winding recipe we can often achieve: 

  • Increase motor’s torque at specific speed output
  • Increase motor’s speed at specific torque output
  • Reduce motor’s heat generation
  • Reduce motor’s noise generation
  • Reduce motor’s resonance or vibration 
  • Optimize motor’s power consumption
  • Use special winding material with specific insulation ratings for hot or cold environment operation

Our database consists of thousands of different winding recipes for each series of motors, and therefore we can often hit specific performance targets simply by reaching into our database. In case we do need to create a completely custom winding recipe, we can rapidly prototype and test windings at our facility. Our engineers are based at our Northern California manufacturing facility and have access to the same winding machines that will be used during the production runs of the final product. This allows us to rapidly test various windings to hit the target performance. 

Multiple Shaft Options

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We offer many different shaft options for your motor as well as customizable shaft lengths to make the motor fit your application seamlessly. Some of our more popular shaft options include:

  • Flat shaft
  • Helical-cut shaft
  • Cross-drilled shaft
  • Slotted shaft
  • Hollow (pass-through) shaft
  • As well as press-fit gears or pulleys.

We can also utilize your proprietary shaft design or shaft components. For more information, please contact sales engineering department. 

Leads & Connectors

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Utilize our in-house wiring and wire-harness manufacturing capabilities to customize the wiring and cabling to your exact specifications. Wiring and Cabling options include:    

  • Custom leads and cabling lengths
  • Custom color-coded lead wires
  • Braided or twisted leads
  • Heat shrink tubing
  • PTFE insulation
  • EMI/RFI/EMP shielded cables
  • Custom wire harnesses
  • And much more

We can utilize a variety of different connectors up to your specifications, from standard MOLEX connectors to supplied proprietary connectors. 

With our custom wiring services we can ensure that the motor you’re receiving is a plug-and-play solution. 

Housings and Mountings

Complete Assembly Integration

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Lin motors can be customized to fit seamlessly within your product or assembly. OEM type projects open opportunity for higher level of motor customization, including motors with custom housings or mounting hardware. Customization can range from proprietary mounting and alignment plates to fully configured motor housings or casings. This ensures ease of final product assembly while reducing the complexity and the overall cost of your system.

  • Customized motor housings, mounting plates and hardware.
  • Ease of installation, assembly integration with proper motor alignment. 
  • Customized material and finishes. 
  • Reduce system complexity. 
  • Reduce overall cost of the system. 
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Bearings and lubricants

Bearings are one of the most critical components of a hybrid stepper motor, and one that can affect the performance and reliability of the motor. Choosing the right bearing is critical to ensure proper operation within your application and the longevity of the system. We can utilize a wide range of bearings and lubricants in our motors to enhance performance in many ways, including: 

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  • High load bearings to increase maximum axial and radial load capacity
  • Sealed bearings to protect from dust or moisture or to prevent outgassing
  • Bearings with special lubricants for optimal performance in hot or cold environments
  • High tolerance bearings to increase accuracy
  • Bearings optimized for high-speed operations 
  • Extend the life expectancy of the motor

Mechatronic Solutions

Integrated Driver + Controller + Encoder

Lin motors can be fully integrated with custom and proprietary mechatronics components, allowing the system to be precisely tuned to your specific application’s needs. The result is a complete, all-in-one, plug-and-play package that greatly reduces the complexity of your system and makes installation a breeze. 

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  • Lin Motors fully integrated with drivers, controllers, and encoders
  • State-of-the-art closed-loop system developed in the Switzerland
  • Optimized performance for your specific application
  • Enhanced torque and speed output
  • High efficiency per watt
  • Plug-and-play solution

Harsh Environments

Specialty motors are designed and manufactured to operate in unique environments for specific applications.

Vacuum Grade Motors

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Vacuum-grade motors are specifically built for environments where out-gassing needs to be minimized, which includes vacuum chambers, high-altitude and space flight applications, cleanroom environments (including class 1 cleanrooms), and more.


Depending on application needs we can assemble the motor using low outgassing components, including: 

  • Uncoated stator and end-caps. 
  • Low outgassing bonding materials. 
  • Sealed bearings with low-outgassing lubricants. 
  • Special permanent magnets and magnet wires.

Vacuum-grade motor components are also post-baked using our proprietary procedure and assembled and packaged in a cleanroom environment. 


Learn More About Vacuum Grade Motors

Water/Dust Resistant

IP (Ingress Protection) rated motors are specifically built for applications exposed to humidity, water, oil, and other various debris. Our IP-rated motors are fully sealed and coated to prevent liquids or contaminants from entering the motor’s interior.  

  • IP65 Rated Series provides dust proof operation, and can withstand low-pressure jets (30kPa, at a rate of 12.5 l/mi) of water sprayed from all directions from a distance as close as three meters for extended periods of time.
  • IPX7 Rated Series of motors are completely protected against dust and withstand immersion into liquids at depths of 15cm to 1m for up to 30 minutes.


Learn More About IP Rated Motors

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Hot/Cold Environment

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In case a motor needs to be operated in a high or low temperature environment that exceeds the capabilities of a standard motor, then our select motors can be modified to operate in ambient temperatures from -40° C to 110° C with up to 140° C case temperature. These motors utilize specific modifications to ensure proper operation that includes: 

  • Special stator insulation  
  • Special magnet wire specific for high or low temp applications
  • special alloy magnet with high-temperature tolerance and high curie point


Learn More About Hot/Cold Environment Motors

Value Add Services

Drivers & Controllers, Encoders, Dampers, Gearboxes and Accessories.

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We offer a wide variety of value-add components to enhance our motor’s capabilities and features. Dampers help reduce vibrations as well as noise while encoders provide feedback and increase the motor's accuracy and repeatability. Gearboxes can help increase a motor’s torque. 

Why Choose Lin?

Let us put our products and design expertise to work for you. 

Our large assortment of products coupled with a variety of engineering services and 30 years of experience of designing and manufacturing motion control products, will ensure that you can bring your product to market, fast. 

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Partnering with us means that we deliver the essential know-how associated with Motion Control components, ensuring that your motor solution is fully configured, optimized and integrated. This way your engineering team can focus less time on motion control and more time on getting the product to market.


The result is an enhanced product life cycle with shortened development time to ensure the success of your product in the market place. 

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Ready to start on your next product development project?

Let us know how we can help.  

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