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For over 30 years, Lin Engineering has been supporting the Fitness Industry by designing and manufacturing a wide variety of motion control products: hybrid step motors, PM steppers, linear actuators, BLDC motors, Servo motors, Frameless BLDC motors, and Slotless BLDC motors. Beyond that, we are able to provide a large array of value add / sub-assembly components such as encoders, gearboxes, wire harnesses, and much more. Our products and solutions can be found in a variety of fitness applications such as treadmills, bikes, cardio machines, electromagnetic resistance, and many more.

  • IP 65 & IP X7 Motors withstand harsh environments where typical motors will fail
  • Electromagnetic Resistance gives more control over the weight
  • We offer US-based support & manufacturing
  • Products can be configured and optimized for your application
  • Robust customer classification system to support product lifecycle
  • Cost-Effective Motors
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Working with Lin Engineering means you are partnering with a company whose outreach includes a global supply chain network that is capable of supporting small prototype runs in the USA to millions of motors in volume production.  


Everything starts with our facility in Morgan Hill, California which is conveniently located in the heart of Silicon Valley. Not only do we have a full Engineering staff, but there is also a local Quality team, Applications, Sales, Customer Service, and so much more. The crown jewel of it all? A California-based manufacturing facility that proudly makes motors in the USA. For added support, we have a nationwide team of Applications Engineers and Account Managers that can provide you with the benefits of localized support.

Application Highlights

Product Highlights

Why Lin?

When it comes to medical applications it's important that the motors you choose are reliable and will last as long as your machines. This is where Lin Engineering excels as their motors are tried and trusted by medical experts worldwide. We currently support many FDA approved devices that are used every day. Lin Engineering has been helping engineers create new advancements in medical equipment for over 30 years. These devices include surgical robots, critical-care devices such as ventilators, as well as laboratory equipment that is required to test and diagnose. 

Lin Benefits

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OEM Motors Optimized For Your Application

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Quick Prototype Turnaround

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Small Batch to Large Volume Production

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US Based Support and Manufacturing

Rapid Prototyping

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For custom prototypes, our Northern California manufacturing facility doubles as our prototyping facility, which means our engineers work within the premises of the manufacturing facility. They have access to the same tools that will be used to produce your motor in volume. This allows us to provide accurate prototypes quickly as the engineers can be hands-on with every step.

Engineering Support

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For OEM Motor Projects, we’ll work directly with your engineering team throughout the design phase of your project to ensure the best overall system optimization and motor fit while avoiding over-engineering and other potential issues. 

Quick Production Ramp-Ups

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Our multiple manufacturing facilities—within the United States and in Asia—allows us to start manufacturing motors fast and ramp-up volume production. Our Northern California facility is optimized for low to mid-volume production, while our off-shore facilities are optimized for high volume production, allowing us to rapidly scale with your manufacturing requirements.

Optimized Performance

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We can help you optimize the performance of the motor by customizing the motor's winding.

Motors Capable of Withstanding Extreme Enviroments

Vacuum Rated Motors

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IP Rated Motors

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Hot & Cold Motors

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These motors are designed and manufactured to operate in unique environments for specific applications. Vacuum-rated motors, for example, are necessary for environments where out-gassing needs to be minimized such as vacuum chambers, space applications, and clean room environments. IP (Ingress Protection) rated motors are perfect for applications exposed to humidity, water, oil, and other various debris. We also carry motors that are specifically designed to operate in extreme hot and cold temperatures.

  • Vacuum and Ultra High Vacuum Grade Motors
  • Ingress Protection (IP) Rated Motors
  • Hot/Cold Temperature Operating Motors

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