E8718 Series


Features and Benefits:
  • Up to 30% more torque than standard NEMA 34 stepper motors
  • High Torque per size ratio
  • Custom windings available at no additional cost
  • Holding Torque up to 1,300 oz-in (9.17 N-m)
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How Did We Do It?

Inherently, every stepper has flux leakage which equates to torque loss. By inserting magnetic pins within the rotor, we were able to mitigate flux leakage, resulting in improved torque by up to 40%.

Standard Stepper Motors

Figure 1. Typical Stepper Motor Flux Path
All standard stepper motors experience some non-torque producing flux, or flux leakage

Hercules Stepper Motors

Figure 2. Lin Engineering Hercules Motor Flux Path
Magnet pins are located between rotor teeth. Full circumferential coverage over rotor increases focusing flux and overall torque performance

More Holding Torque

Hercules steppers provide up to 40% more torque throughout the entire speed range than standard motor of the same size.

Less Resonance

Hercules steppers generate less resonant frequency due to the oscillation. Making the motor smoother, quieter, and precise.

• Frame Size: 34
• Step Angle: 1.8
• Holding Torque: Up to 1300 oz-in (9.17 N-m)

• Limited quantity prototypes are now available. Please contact Lin Engineering.

• Application requiring Xtreme Torque
• Replacing motors that are getting too hot
• Replacing motors that are getting too hot
• Avoid stalling and skipping steps.