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LinTelligent Step Servo System

Integrated Driver + Controller + Encoder

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Lin Engineering’s LinTelligent Integrated Step Servo is a 21st century motor for 21st-century automation: smart, modular, efficient, and powerful. The LinTelligent Step Servo outperforms the competition on all metrics.

The secret lies in our high power density motor coupled with our new state-of-the-art Driver + Controller developed in the Switzerland. The system can be programmed and tuned to any application’s needs. The result is a complete, all-in-one, plug-and-play package that delivers higher torque, speed, and efficiency. As well it has a lower size, weight, and temperature generation than competing brands that lead to a longer life expectancy.

Higher Operating Torque

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Higher power density means that LinTelligent Step Servos can deliver more torque at your targeted speed than any competitor’s motor of the same size. This is thanks to our unique motor design which provides exceptional torque to size ratio. The closed-loop drive system can be programmed specifically for your unique application to further enhance the motor’s torque performance. LinTelligent Step Servo is ideal for applications requiring higher dynamic torque.

Higher Operating Speed

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High power density means that a LinTelligent Step Servo can deliver higher speed at your target torque than a competitor’s motor. Our unique motor design allows for greater efficiency, which extends the speed range of the motor at specified torque points while maintaining the same voltage as the competing motors. LinTelligent Integrated Step Servo are ideal for applications that require moving loads at higher speeds.

Smaller Size and Weight

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Higher power density means that you can get more performance out of a smaller and lighter package. LinTelligent Integrated Step Servo offers similar performance to larger frame size, or longer stack length motors. This makes the LinTelligent Integrated Step Servo ideal for space or weight constrained applications.

Higher Efficiency Per Watt

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Higher power density means that the motors can operate more efficiently at your specified speed and torque requirements. This is especially important for applications that are sensitive to power draw, such as battery-operated devices, where every watt matters. Additionally, the LinTelligent closed-loop system can detect loads exerted on the motor in real-time and apply only as much power as the motor needs at that time, saving power even further. The result is that LinTelligent Integrated Step Servo can deliver the same performance as competing integrated motors while drawing less power.

Reduced Heat Generation

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The high efficiency and low power draw of our motors results in the motor generating less heat. Furthermore, a closed-loop driver system can detect loads exerted on the motor in real-time and apply only as much current as the motor needs to perform the task. This reduces heat generation even further since the motor is not overdriven for the task. LinTelligent motors are ideal for applications where heat generation needs to be minimized.

Performance at Lower Voltage

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Higher power density means that torque at speed can be achieved at a lower voltage than competing motors. Ideal for applications that are voltage constrained.

All-in-one, Plug-and-play Package

LinTelligent Integrated Step Servo is a plug-and-play, closed-loop system; with a built-in driver, controller, encoder, and motor. This greatly reduces the complexity of your system and makes installation a breeze. Furthermore, the system is matched, balanced, and optimized, ensuring optimal performance from the system.


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CANopen Enabled

LinTelligent Integrated Drives integrate the robust industry-standard CANopen communication protocol. This allows for a large number of integrated motors to be chained together and controlled from a central location. As well, they can communicate with other CANopen devices.  

IP65 Rated (Optional)

LinTelligent Integrated Step Servos are designed to work in many applications. Optional IP65 ingress protection is available for applications that are exposed to moisture and dust.

Longer Life Expectancy

LinTelligent Integrated Step Servo are a complete closed-loop package. Drivers are programmed and optimized to enhance the performance of the integrated motor while protecting windings and circuitry with built-in safety protections. Thanks to this, the chances of burning out the motor is virtually eliminated compared to driving a motor with a stand-alone driver. LinTelligent Motors are designed to provide a long and reliable life expectancy.   

Highly Customizable

LinTelligent Integrated Step Servos are designed to be modular. Meaning that we can integrate the driver with a number of motor designs and unique customizations. For instance, we can customize the motor’s winding to optimize performance for your specific applications, or make specific customizations to the motor’s shafts or housings to ensure proper integration and fit within your system.  

Why Choose Lin Engineering?

Our motors and motion control products are routinely used in medical devices, aerospace components, automation assemblies, and many other applications. Thousands of Engineers from around the world rely on the accuracy, reliability, and consistency of our products as well as our top-notch support.

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