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Linear Actuators

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If you're in the market for versatile and dependable linear actuators, Lin Engineering has you covered. 

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Lin Engineering’s linear actuators feature:

  • NEMA 6 (16 mm) to NEMA 23 (60 mm) Frame Sizes
  • Captive, non-captive, and external nut design configurations
  • Driven by stepper or servo motors
  • Free running, anti-backlash, and custom nuts available
  • Various screw diameters & leads
  • Lead screws and ball screws available
  • In-house machine shop customizations
  • Online rapid prototyping tool with fast lead times
  • Optical and magnetic encoders available with incremental or absolute position

Multiple Nut Options

for your specific application needs

Our linear actuators come with a variety of nut options to suit your specific application needs. Choose from free-wheeling nuts for unrestricted motion, anti-backlash nuts for reduced slack and increased precision, or our proprietary patented LinFinity nut for optimal performance and longevity.

Free Wheeling Nuts
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Ideal for smooth, low-friction linear motion. Available with triangular and round flange. 

Anti-backlash Nuts
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Anti-backlash nuts reduce slack for precise motion.  

LinFinity Plus Nuts
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LinFinity anti-backlash nuts are internally self-lubricating and offer extended service life with minimal maintenance. 

Buy Linear Actuators Online

Start prototyping your next product or iteration quickly

Lin Engineering's online store is the ideal starting point for prototyping your next product or iteration. We offer pre-configured linear actuators for immediate use, alongside a "Rapid Prototyping Configurator" for custom lead screws and added accessories like anti-backlash nuts. Get your actuator samples swiftly and initiate your engineering project with certainty.

Pre-configured Linear Actuators
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Choose from a range of pre-configured linear actuators to jump-start the prototyping and development of your next product or iteration.

Rapid Prototyping Configurator
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Choose from a range of pre-configured linear actuators to jump-start the prototyping and development of your next product or iteration.

Engineering and Production Support

Long-term support of optimized linear actuators

Lin Engineering is equipped to work closely with your engineering team for further customizations and modifications, perfecting the final production unit. We offer long-term manufacturing and supply chain support to deliver fully optimized linear actuators throughout your product's lifecycle. With scalability from as few as 10 units to as many as 10 million, we're the ideal partner for both your immediate production needs and future growth.

Why Choose Lin Engineering?

as your supply chain partner for linear actuators?

Located in Northern California, we specialize in designing and manufacturing of linear actuators. We offer multiple configurations, including external nut and internal nut options, both in captive and non-captive configurations. These actuators are designed to fulfill a variety of application-specific requirements, from precise medical devices to robust industrial automation systems. With USA-based in-house engineering, manufacturing, and support, we provide highly customized solutions that can meet the most demanding specifications.


But we don't just stop at design and customization. Lin Engineering has the infrastructure to support high-volume manufacturing through additional overseas facilities. Our scalable production capabilities enable us to accommodate orders ranging from as few as 10 units to as many as 10 million, without compromising on quality or performance. This flexibility, combined with our proven reliability, positions us as a valuable supply chain partner. Whether you're starting small or scaling up, we have the engineering expertise and manufacturing capability to grow and adapt with your linear actuator needs.