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Lin Engineering's upcoming trade shows and events

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February 6th to the 8th, 2024

Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, California

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Newton Dang

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Belal Azim

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Product Highlights and Features

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Vacuum Rated Motors

Our proprietary assembly and extraction process ensures minimal out-gassing at vacuum pressure up to 10-7 Torr at 125°C. The use of bearing lubricant with vapor pressure below 10-9 Torr at 100ºC and other special materials maintain the overall %TML below 1%, while optional insulation Class K components can survive high temperatures in absence of convection cooling.

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IP-Rated Motors

Every new application creates its own restrictions and challenges, so when you discover that your motion system will have to operate in extreme environmental conditions, such as rain, dust, or even underwater, what do you do? Luckily, Lin Engineering continues to research, develop, and unveil cutting-edge technologies to facilitate wider and wider ranges of applications. While our standard lines of stepper motors are well known for their durability, our IP65 and IP67 lines can also withstand harsh environments where typical motors will fail.

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Large Diameter Hollow Shaft

Conventional stepper motors cannot accommodate large-diameter shafts without sacrificing torque and performance. Torque is dependent on the size of the magnet placed in the rotor. A large diameter shaft reduces the space available for the magnet, thus sacrificing torque.

Our proprietary rotor and stator design allows for the same amount of torque output while increasing the shaft diameter to 11 mm (0.43“). This is the largest shaft diameter available in the market for a NEMA 17 size motor.

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Motorized Traction Wheels

Lin Engineering’s motorized traction wheel solutions are designed to deliver compact, easy-to-use, and more efficient traction solutions. In-Wheel motors are gearless, high pole count BLDC motors specifically designed for the direct drive of low payload vehicles, up to 500W per wheel.


Servo-Wheel motors are geared and gearless servo motors with greater power density and efficiency. They are best suited for medium-to-high payload vehicles and are available with power up to 2KW. These wheels can accommodate multiple-sized motors. Servo-wheel motors are available with optional brakes, encoders or dual encoders, as well as your choice of planetary, belt, or spur gear transmissions.