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letter from founder

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If there is a single precept to which we dedicate ourselves, it is that of excellence. Excellence in attitude. Excellence in performance. Excellence in our interrelationships with each other and our customers.


Over the years, Lin Engineering has developed capabilities in design, manufacturing and marketing of hybrid step motors. We have done this with great dedication and will continue to push forward as a leader in these areas. Today, we are the largest volume manufacturer of the best 0.9 degree step motor in the industry, while still offering the best price for performance.


Our motors can be found in a variety of industries & applications including: surveillance cameras that can be seen in casinos and department stores, food wrapping machines found in practically every supermarket, medical equipment, eye surgery equipment, and other motion controlled products. We are thrilled that you will find our motor in the B-2 Stealth Bomber.


We are a solution-oriented company, known for being able to maximize torque at the customer’s desired speed in order to eliminate guesswork from the motor selection process. Our customers use Lin Engineering for a number of reasons, but most commonly to find a solution for the following problems:

  • Sizing and selecting the right motor is time consuming
  • The design margin of the motor being selected is unknown
  • Existing motor is too noisy or has too much resonance
  • The price of motors from China is inexpensive, but there are concerns about quality and long lead-time.

We have an outstanding quality team at our Morgan Hill and China locations, whose sole purpose is to guarantee quality in every process. This allows our customers to receive products that meet or exceed their expectations. We also have dedicated a team of engineers and production staff for prototypes. This allows for immediate service and short lead times.


We are proud to have gained market share by having a team of engineers creating cutting edge designs, and a technical support staff trained to help you with selecting and using the proper motion control product for your application.


We are your solution.

Ted T. Lin