Why Lin?

Get Exactly What You Need

In motion control, no two designs are the same. When you’re optimizing for the best efficiency, accuracy, or speed, you don’t want a motor that is close enough, you want a motor that will meets your requirements precisely. This is exactly what we can provide: a motor with the exact specifications you need for your specific design or application.

On Demand Assembly

Our unique method of assembly allows us to stock a large selection of standard components that can be assembled in a multitude of ways for your specific needs. This allows us to assemble a motor that meets your exact specifications, with minimal lead time, and at a great price point.

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Custom Components & Custom Motors

In situations where a more custom solution is required, we can modify many components to meet your exact specifications. Our in-house machine shop can produce custom components such as housings and shafts, while our wiring department can create custom wire harnesses for specific applications. By combining custom components with our On-Demand assembly process, you’ll get a customized motor at a lower cost, and at faster lead time than what’s available from most traditional manufacturers.

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Great Price


Whether you choose Lin Engineering’s ready-to-ship product, or our On-Demand product, or a customized solution, the end result is that you get exactly what you need, at a fantastic price point, with minimal lead time.

Here are few more benefits you’ll enjoy while working with us:




Our stepper motors consistently outperform competitive products in accuracy—by at least 2x that of industry standards.



Every motor shipped is inspected beforehand to ensure your motor performs as specified. You benefit from consistent performance from your application.



The quality of every component that goes into each Lin Engineering stepper motor as well as every step of the manufacturing process is tightly scrutinized and managed to the highest standards. We follow lean manufacturing practices and even developed our own 4.5 Sigma Way quality assurance system. We guarantee that our product will meet or exceed your needs and greatly reduce the potential for costly RMA’s.



We’ve received many patents related to stepper motor technology. We’ve even reinvented a stepper motor from the ground up—check out our Z-Series motor for the smoothest, quietest, and most accurate motion available.


Meet Requirements

We manufacture and keep data with accordance to ISO9001:2008, AS9100C and many other standards. For this reason, our motors can be found in numerous FDA and FAA-approved applications.




We can customize windings to ensure maximum torque and performance at a desired speed as well as customize the connections, shaft, housing, and add an encoder. Our motors are designed to fit your application, not the other way around.


Small And Large Quantity Manufacturing

Our unique On-Demand manufacturing process is optimized for speed and efficiency, allowing us to make just a few units or as many as thousands of units at a time.

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Rapid Prototyping

We can provide working prototypes quickly, which allows you to begin critical testing of the application right away so that getting the product to market happens as fast as possible.

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Ongoing Product Support

Once a customer, always a customer—Lin Engineering products are fully warranted and our experts are standing by to support you and your application whenever you need us.


Expert Knowledge

There’s no better source of information than from the people who designed and manufactured your product. If you have a question, we are available.


Application Specialists

Our team of applications specialists deal with issues just like yours every day in and day out. Tell us your requirements and we’ll match you with a product that will precisely fit your requirements.

Tell Us About Your Application.

Fill out the form below and one of our specialists will study your applications and match you with a product that will fit your exact needs.