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The G3718V whisper torque motor incorporates a heat-sink design within the stator laminations to allow for passive cooling.  When your motor operates cooler, you can increase power to gain more torque without overheating.

Inherently, every stepper has flux leakage which equates to torque loss.

By inserting magnetic pins within the rotor, we were able to mitigate flux leakage, resulting in improved torque by up to 40%.

Get the exact stepper motor linear actuator system that you need to solve your motion control problems.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3: choose your motor, choose your screw, and choose your nut.

G4518 Cool Operating Step Motor

G4518 is designed to run up to 30% cooler than conventional motor of similar specifications. Low heat generation makes this motor ideal for applications where heat is a concern.


With use of our Zen Technology, we’re able to reduce resonance by up to 50% over a standard motor. We’ve created a motor that is so smooth and accurate, that it has the potential to change the motion industry.


The new Whisper Torque ZH417-11 Hollow Shaft Stepper Motor with Signature Series Technology. The new ZH417-11 is a 0.9°, NEMA 17 stepper motor that is perfect for applications that require smooth motion and need the flexibility of a large shaft ID.


The Z417-17 Step Motor is an addition to our existing line of Z motors. The Z417-17 features a double stack and provides more torque than before. Holding Torque up to 28 oz-in.


This motor is an addition to their existing Series of 3709 Motors. At 14 mm thick, the 3709z is the thinnest motor in the series. Featuring a 0.9 Degree step angle and Signature Series Technology, the 3709Z provides extremely smooth and accurate motion.


Hercules Series motors output up to 40% more torque than standards motor of same size. This means more power, more efficiency, and more speed. Available in NEMA 23 and 34 size. Our NEMA 23 sized motor produces up to 600 oz-in of holding torque.


Lin Engineering is now AS9100C Certified. AS9100 ensures that our Step Motors and Drivers are manufactured in accordance with the Aviation, Space, and Defense Industry standard practices.


Lin Engineering announced the release of their new closed loop stepper motor driver, the R525P. The R525P is ideal for applications requiring smooth and quiet motor operation, while maintaining proper torque, velocity, or precision.