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Sep 23, 2019

Solutions to Order

Whether you are working in life sciences, medical, aviation and space, or robotics and industrial automation, motion control is a key factor to your growth and competitiveness. When you look to a company like Lin Engineering, you want to know they have the capabilities that will support your best efforts. And when you have a challenge, you want a valuable partner who can help, with an experienced team, to provide a solution. This is why Lin Engineering has made it their goal to understand how to support their business partners and customers in a way that is, technologically valuable, cost-effective, and relevant. 


Along these lines, Lin Engineering has learned that providing services, such as early prototypes, modular product offerings, and levels of customization when necessary put the customer in the driver’s seat. Supporting customers then becomes a matter of listening and adjusting to the specific needs of the application or project. In order to do this well, Lin Engineering has continually invested in every portion of their business—from business strategy to technological innovation—to provide the capabilities you need from them. 


For example, using their unique modular approach to product integration and production, Lin Engineering can adjust quickly to the needs of their customers with a product that is more tuned to an application than ever before. This flexibility allows them to quickly design and build an early prototype for quick turnaround. Not only do they have an online tool to help customers with these early decisions, but they are also then able to deliver against a budget. Once the customer has evaluated, adjusted, and tested their solution, Lin Engineering is able to put their selecting into production. 


This is the case even when customer specifications require a custom or semi-custom solution. For example, a customer may require custom moldings for specific hazardous requirements, or specialized drivers for aerospace use, unique control features for laboratory or medical designs, as well as open- or closed-loop feedback devices, or any number of other features. Working with a company that is agile and flexible means that your specific needs can be accommodated without concern. Trust becomes the keyword with reliability and long life being the result.


Depending on the needs of the customer, once a design is nailed down, production can be limited to small volumes or large. Delivery dates can fluctuate or remain consistent on a month-to-month basis. What is more important is that Lin Engineering has the capability to match the fluctuating needs of their customers, allowing them to ramp production up quickly when needed. 


A company’s capability to help solve its customers’ challenges is key to maintaining a good working relationship. Lin Engineering has moved in that direction from the beginning, recognizing that customer needs must be met from beginning to end in order to have a valuable and long-lasting relationship. 


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