• Frame Size: NEMA 17
  • |
  • Step Angle: 1.8°

4118 Series

High Torque Stepper Motor

Features and Benefits:
  • More torque than standard NEMA 17 stepper motors
  • Custom wound for high speed or low speed applications
  • Up to 115 oz-in (0.81 N-m) Holding Torque

Unbeatable Value

The 4118 Series stepper motor is our best-selling stepper motor for numerous reasons: it delivers unbeatable balance between high performance and low price; it offers a high range of customizations; and its wide performance range makes it ideal for many applications.

Versatile performance

The 4118 Series stepper motor is a good fit for wide range of applications. The series is available in many stator lengths, from 1.34” (34mm) to 2.34” (59.4mm). Holding torque ranges from 44 oz-in (0.3 Nm), up to 115 oz-in (0.88 Nm). High range of dynamic torque with speed up to 1200 RPM. And a large selection of windings to meet your specific requirements.

Lin Engineering Quality

Every component and every motor that leaves our facility must meet our mean value control. Additionally, every motor is tested to meet the required electrical specifications (resistance, inductance, leakage), torque specifications (holding and detent torque), mechanical specification (front shaft extension dimension and overall body length), and any other special feature specification. We want to ensure that your motor delivers the precise specifications you require. This gives you confidence that your motors will perform consistently and reliably within your application.


Special configuration available

Vacuum Rating – Perfect for environments where outgassing needs to be avoided. Most commonly used in cleanrooms and vacuum chambers, and space applications. These motors are rated to perform in vacuum up to 10-7 Torr at up to 125°C.

IP rating – Protection for dust, moisture, water, and other contaminates. The motor is available in IP65 and IPX7 ratings. Perfect for food production applications, where wash-down is needed. Or aerospace applications where motor is exposed to harsh atmospheric conditions.

High & Low temperature operation – Motors can be configured and optimized for high temperature operation in environments up to 110 degrees C (230 F), or cold operation up to -50 degrees C (-58 F).



Medical-liquid handling and robotics

3D printing

Blood analysis

Customization Available

Custom Windings

We can customize the winding of your motor to deliver optimal torque and performance at a desired operating speed. By manipulating the winding of the motor, we can extend the dynamic torque range, minimize resonance (vibration), and optimize the efficiency of the motor. Just let us know what you need via the Request For Quote form, or call us and talk to our applications specialist.

Leads and Connectors

We offer a wide variety of options that range from simple connectors to EMI protected and IP protected wiring and connectors as well. We can customize the leads and connectors in many ways. Just let us know what you need via the Request For Quote form, or call us and talk to our applications specialist.

Various Shaft Options

With in-house machining capabilities, we’re able to provide a variety of shaft options at a cost effective price with minimal lead times. The most common request is for a double shaft configuration. The Shafts can be cross drilled, slotted, keyed, or geared. Just let us know what you need via the Request For Quote form, or call us and talk to our applications specialist.


4118 stepper motor can be paired with an encoder. We can provide a motor with an encoder already installed (please check out our selection of encoders), or we can provide a motor with encoder mounting holes drilled into the body.

Special Modifications

We offer complete custom design services as well. If you have any uncommon requirements, please let us know, and we’ll work with you on creating the most optimal solution to your specific needs.

Getting the motor you need is easy

Just fill out a Request for a Quote form, and tell us about your application and your needs. One of our applications specialists will review your request, and provide you with a quote promptly.

Choose Series Model

Here are some of the most popular windings for this motor:

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Model Number: Connection: Length in (mm): Current AMP: Holding Torque oz-in (Nm): Resistance: Inertia (oz-in^2): Weight: Number of Leads:
4118S-04PParallel1.34 (34.0)1.3442.0 (0.30)2.500.180.404
4118S-04SSerial1.34 (34.0)0.6742.0 (0.30)9.900.180.404
4118S-04PParallel1.34 (34.0)1.3442.0 (0.30)2.500.180.404
4118M-06PParallel1.58 (40.1)1.4063.0 (0.44)2.700.280.604
4118M-06SBipolar1.58 (40.1)0.7063.0 (0.44)10.800.280.604
4118L-07SSerial1.89 (48.0)1.0583.0 (0.59)5.200.370.704
4118L-07PUnipolar1.89 (48.0)2.1083.0 (0.59)1.300.370.704
4118C-01Bipolar2.34 (59.4)2.00115.0 (0.88)2.000.560.904

Not seeing exactly what you need?

We can customize your motor's winding to maximize the torque at your desired operating speed (within the constraints of power input and motor size).

Just tell us what you need:

Here's What I Need
Model Number: Length A (in) Length A (mm)
4118S-04P1.34 in34.0 mm
4118S-04S1.34 in34.0 mm
4118S-04P1.34 in34.0 mm
4118M-06P1.58 in40.1 mm
4118M-06S1.58 in40.1 mm
4118L-07S1.89 in48.0 mm
4118L-07P1.89 in48.0 mm
4118C-012.34 in59.4 mm

Get Exactly What You Need

In motion control, no two designs are the same. When you’re optimizing for the best efficiency, accuracy, or speed, you don’t want a motor that is “close enough”, you want a motor that will meets your requirements precisely. This is exactly what we can provide: a motor with the exact specifications you need for your specific design or application.

On Demand Assembly

Instead of completing the assembly of most products–and stocking a huge inventory of finished goods–we stock a large selection of modular components. This allows us to quickly pull components off the shelf, and assemble a motor that meet your exact specifications, with minimal lead time, and at a price point that is much lower than conventional custom motor.

Tell Us About Your Application.

Fill out the form below and one of our specialists will study your applications and match you with a product that will fit your exact needs.

Custom Components & Custom Motors

In situations where a more custom solution is needed, we can modify many component of the motor to meet your requested specifications. Our in-house machine shop is capable of modifying or producing custom components such as housings and shafts, while our wiring department can create custom wire harness for your specific application.

Best of all, by combining custom components with our standard On-demand assembly process, you get a fully custom motor at a lower cost, and faster lead time than you’d expect from other, more traditional manufacturers.

Learn More About Custom Motors

Great Price


Whether you choose our ready to ship product, or our on-demand product, or a completely custom motor, the end result is that you get exactly what you need, at a fantastic price point, with minimal lead time.

Here are few more benefits you’ll enjoy while working with us:




Our stepper motors consistently outperform competition in accuracy. In fact, our motors to be at least 2x more accurate then industry standard. How important is accuracy to you?



Each and every motor that we ship to you is tested; this ensures that every motor performs as specified, so you’ll never have to worry about inconsistent performance from your application.



The quality of every component that goes into the stepper motor and every step of the manufacturing process is tightly scrutinized and managed. We follow lean manufacturing practices and developed our own 4.5 Sigma Way quality assurance system. We guarantee that our product will meet or exceed your needs and eliminate the potential for costly RMA’s.



We’ve received many patents related to stepper motor technology. We’ve even reinvented a stepper motor from the ground up! Take a look at our Z-Series motor for smoothest, quietest, and most accurate motion available.


Meet Requirements

Our motors are found in many FDA and FAA approved applications. We manufacture and keep data with accordance to ISO9001, AS9100 (for aerospace) and many other standards.




Many of our customizations are offered free of charge. For instance, we can customize your winding to ensure maximum torque and performance at a desired speed. We can also customize the connections, shaft, housing, add an encoder, or any other modification you need. We will make our motor fit your application, not the other way around.


Small And Large Quantity Manufacturing

Our unique On-Demand manufacturing process is optimized for speed and efficiency. We can make as little as one unit, or thousands of units at a time, while remaining extremely price competitive.


Rapid Prototyping

For most custom orders, we can provide a working prototype in as little as 1 week. This ensures that you can start testing your application right away, and get your product to market as soon as possible.



Ongoing Product Support

You’re our customer for life. Our products are fully warranted, and our experts are standing by to support you and your application.


Expert Knowledge

There’s no better source of information then from the people who designed and manufactured your product. If you have a question, just let us know.


Application Specialists

Our applications specialists deal with issues just like yours day in and day out. Give us your requirements and we’ll match you with a product that will precisely fit your requirements.

Tell Us About Your Application.

Fill out the form below and one of our specialists will study your applications and match you with a product that will fit your exact needs.