LinFinity Linear Actuators

The LinFinity Linear Actuator is a system engineered to eliminate issues that plague ordinary linear actuators:

• Excessive friction and heat build up
• Too much noise
• Degrading accuracy
• Short life span
• Required maintenance

The LinFinity Linear Actuator system is composed of a patent pending LinFinity Nut, a highly polished leadscrew, and a Lin Engineering stepper motor

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1. Lin Finity Nut

The LinFinity Nut is an internally lubricated anti-backlash nut proven to last over 12 million inches of travel in a typical application without maintenance.

The patent pending design incorporates an internal grease reservoir which distributes a consistent layer of grease throughout the entire surface of the leadscrew as the nut travels. The internal reservoir maintains hydrodynamic lubrication throughout the life of the product, which drastically reduces friction and thus increases the performance and longevity of the product.

Ordinary externally lubricated anti-backlash nuts act as a wiper: instead of distributing the grease evenly, they tend to push the grease out to the edges of the screw. This results in the grease drying out and ultimately leads to product failure.



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Once the nut is installed on the lead screw the internal grease reservoir can be filled from the outside.
Spring washer holds the tension ensuring zero backlash is maintained throughout the life of the product.
The torque can be adjusted without removing the nut from the leadscrew. The anti-backlash tension can be adjusted simply by rotating the black nut against the spring washer to obtain the desired drag torque.


Reduces Heat Build Up

Less friction means less heat is being generated. LinFinity reduces heat build up by at least 20% compared to the closest competing design. Heat leads to premature failure.


Reduces Noise

Ordinary externally lubricated nuts
tend to increase friction throughout
the life of the product. Friction causes
excessive noise. LinFinity maintains
low friction throughout the lifespan and
does not generate more noise with age.


Extends Life

Lower heat and reduced friction along with even distribution of grease result in the overall life of the Linear Actuator system to increase.

2. Leadscrew

The LinFinity Nut glides on a highly polished leadscrew on a thin layer of grease. This lets us achieve over 12 million inches of travel with no maintenance; more than any other competing product on the market.

Many competitors use Teflon coated leadscrews to reduce friction; however, Teflon coating degrades quickly. In certain applications we’ve experienced noticeable coating damage with less than one million inch travel. To make the matter worse, the metal surface of the leadscrew has to be roughened to accept the Teflon coating. When the coating fails, the anti-backlash nut is exposed to the rough surface of the metal, which in turn accelerates the wear of the nut.


Picture of teflon coating damage

3. Step Motors

Lin Engineering step motors are known for their high torque output, high accuracy, and low resonance.  Combining a Lin stepper motor along with a screw and LinFinity Nut results in an innovative and high performance Linear Actuator System.  The LinFinity Linear Actuator Systems are currently available in NEMA 11, 14, 17, and 23 frame sizes.